Monday, March 28, 2011

The waiting game...

So far being without Facebook during the day has been good.  It's been feeling "free" and certainly manageable.  I still go on for a bit at night, but only after 9pm and only for a short period of night.  If all goes according to our plans I will have to use it a bit more later on, but for now, it is good. 

I have been spending quite a bit of time with planning, and researching and working on what we are hoping will be our new adventure.  And we are at the point now where we are waiting... waiting... waiting... for something that will hopefully arrive early this week. 

And I'm not good at waiting.  I'm really, really, really impatient.  That was one of the most frustrating parts of Bianca's leukemia treatment.  You are forever waiting for things to happen.  Waiting for test results, waiting to see the doctor, waiting to go to theatre, waiting to be admitted, waiting to be discharged, waiting for counts to come up. I actually wish that I recorded from the start the actual amount of time we just spent waiting. 

So once again, I'm waiting.  But it has nothing to do with Bianca's health or checkups or anything to do with leukemia.  I can't quite go into detail just yet, but hopefully really really soon! :-)

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