Friday, January 14, 2011

Ahhhh, weekend! Lovely weekend!

End of the week.  Caitlyn loves being back at daycare and this weekend we are getting ready for Bianca's Camp Quality next week Tuesday to Sunday.  It is a pirate theme this time and her costume is all ready and no, this time round I'm taking the lazy approach and instead of making it, I bought her a costume.  The price was good and I figured it would probably cost me the same amount to make something, so this way was better. 

I'm hoping to go to the lavender farm close to us this weekend where they will show how they do the harvest and how they get the oil and so on.  I've always been interested (well, if I say always I really mean the past year or so) and lavender is one of the few things you can do commercially on a smaller scale.  Not that we would do anything like this anytime soon, but will be really interesting to see.

And other than that, not much else that we are planning, just keeping it fairly relaxed and low-key this weekend.


Maa said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend is planned at your place. Have a great time with the family. Lavender is my favourite scent too. Maa

Sharon said...

Have a good one!