Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The things we got up to in the holidays (mostly a photo story)

The last few days were truly relaxing. Up to Christmas and even the few days afterwards that Terence's brother was here, was still pretty busy. Not only with Christmas preparations, but also showing Alistair some of the things New Zealand has to offer. After Alistair left, we kept it quiet and low-key. We didn't really go to the shops other than to find me a new cell phone, a new oven light bulb and to buy groceries and I must say I really enjoyed the slower pace of the last few days - very relaxing.

Every morning we got to sleep in. I have wonderful kids! Bianca likes to sleep in a bit too and each morning we'd wake up and Caitlyn would be quietly playing next to the side of our bed, patiently waiting for us to get up. I really don't envy parents whose kids get up and demand attention from 5am each morning!

Apart from this we took the kids to the park where they got to ride their scooters, Bianca got more practice with her roller blades and they even got to play at the park for a little bit.

Then we went to Staglands which was lots of fun and we got to see many cool animals.

And we've gone for walks. Caitlyn and Terence did shorter walks, but Bianca and I enjoy walking for around 5km. All the way to her school, around her school and back home again. The best time for us is around 7pm and it is really peaceful. You can hear the birds as they go back to their nests for the night (even though it still looks really light) and I love seeing all the pretty gardens and all the trees. Bianca would take her scooter and scoot ahead while I follow - I love that she is able to do this! And when I read on some of my South African Facebook friends' statusses that they never go for walks because it is not safe - then I feel truly blessed that we can do this without a worry in the world.

Today it was back to reality and to our normal routines to some extend. Caitlyn's one daycare started again today and Terence was back at work and Bianca and I mostly amused ourselves. We visited the library where we borrowed a bunch of books and a highlight was spending time with 5 little kittens at one of the SPCA fosters who live really close to us. It was sooooo much fun :-)

Please adopt me - I promise to be very very good...

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