Tuesday, November 23, 2010


How is Bianca's eating now?

When she was on treatment it was a huge point of frustration. Especially when she went on steroids. She was extremely fussy and very particular about what she would and would not eat. The one thing we did manage to get her to eat was ProNutro and we felt okay about that because at least it had some good nutrients. And I'm pretty sure by now we must have quite a few shares in McDonalds ;-). I tried a few times at the time to give her normal, ordinary, we'll-all-eat-the-same-food-for-supper-meals, but that resulted more often than not in frustration. And if it is something she really didn't want she would easily sit there for an hour or sometimes even 2 hours picking at her plate until you finally give up and send her off to bed (sigh!).

Since Bianca finished treatment, it has definitely been better (even though it took a little while). I think Bianca will always be pretty fussy and there are some definite things she won't be asking for. Potatoes, tomatoes, and so on . I was surprised though when one day she actually asked for broccoli and cauliflower, so this is definitely something she is really happy to eat. It took a little while, but I find now that I can get her to eat most things. Some nights I will make what I know is her favourite and others it might not be her favourite, but I simply remind her that "last night you had something you really liked, tonight we have something I really like". Perhaps it is also better because I started putting my foot down and I just simply don't give in anymore. Or maybe it is just that her taste buds have now recovered after chemo and food starts tasting good again. Or perhaps because she is starting to be interested in learning how to prepare meals, she is more interested in eating. I don't really know. But I'm sure glad that those steroids days are a thing of the past!!!

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Sharon said...

I'm sure getting her more involved in the food preparation must have helped a lot!