Monday, November 22, 2010

Sometimes you just can't keep a straight face!

I'm really enjoying the stage where Caitlyn is at. She is a really cute 3 year old. Well behaved too - no temper tantrums or anything. And she is at the age where she'll say some of the funniest and cutest little things. Things like "that is quite special" or "when I grow up I'm going to be a super hero" or ask questions like "why did they choose red for stop and green for go?"

Today when we went to Warehouse we walked past the garden section and they had these cute little garden ornaments, gnomes and so on. She found a few that she really liked (mostly resembling butterflies) and came to show them to me and then we walked past these rocks with faces on them and Caitlyn suddenly said "look Mommy, real live rocks!" Well, it was a bit hard keeping a straight face after that comment!

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amanda said...

Dis kostelik. Hoop jul hou dagboek van segoed om eendag vir haar te gee.