Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Injuries and Boxes

I was meant to blog yesterday, but I've had a bit of a busy time here.

On Sunday both the girls were playing outside. Suddenly Caitlyn screamed and I rushed outside to find her on the grass. She twisted her ankle. Took her inside, gave lots of cuddles, put an ice pack on her ankle and she settled down on the couch happily watching a DVD. Then it was bath time and we managed, even though it was pretty heavy trying to lift her up in such a way that I could take off her clothes without her putting any pressure on her foot. Bedtime came, we read stories, gave some pain medicines because by then she started complaining again and switched off the light. 9:30pm came and she screamed out in absolute agony. It's been a long time since I felt so helpless watching my child in pain, not sure what else I could do to make it better. So Terence took her to the one medical centre in Paraparaumu to get her checked out. They bandaged it all up and asked that we come back the following morning for an x-ray just to check if there might be a fracture. They came back and we put Caitlyn in our bed because it would be far easier for me to manage her there than at the top of her bunk bed where she normally sleeps. It was a long night. She woke up crying several times and each time all I could do was to let her know I was there and that we would go see the doctor again in the morning.

Yesterday we went for the x-ray. I had to haul out her old pram because there is no way I can carry her around everywhere. She thought it was pretty cool "driving in style" :-)

I'm so proud of Caitlyn, she wasn't scared when they took an image of her foot and she kept it nice and still. She loved seeing her foot (and bones) on the screen.

Thankfully the results came back showing no fractures. It is still sore when she tries to stand on her foot, but hopefully soon, she'll feel a lot better and we can get back to normal.

And then in between I've been very busy with this:

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amanda said...

So bly niks is gebreek nie en hoop Caitlyn voel spoedig stukke beter. Die geskenkhouers is baie netjies gemaak en ek glo dit neem heelwat tyd in beslag. Wens ek kon help...maar ek weet mos jy is bekwaam! Geniet elke oomblik want ek weet die kinders gaan baie pret he. xx

BridgetPirie said...

It sounds like a very traumatic day and night. I hope that Caitlyn is feeling a lot better by now.

Sharon said...

Shame man! I hope she starts to feel better soon!

RosemaryO said...

Oh poor Caitlyn. Hope she's feeling better soon.
She is very cute though!