Monday, November 22, 2010

A little ballerina

One of the activities Caitlyn is doing this term is ballet. Caitlyn has always liked the concept of dancing / twirling and often she'll get up and "twirl like a Barbie". So finally this term we managed to book her into a Saturday morning beginner ballet class. At first she was a bit shy and didn't really like the concept of being in the class with her dad waiting in the reception area behind the viewing glass. They don't allow parents to be inside the class because it is too distracting for the kids. The first 2 sessions Caitlyn wasn't too happy, but then suddenly she realised how much fun she was having (especially getting some jelly beans from her teacher after the class) and now she is so excited she can't wait for each Saturday morning to arrive. We haven't managed to take any really nice photos from behind the glass, but we did managed to take these two photos before her class started last week Saturday:

The outfit is one that we bought from Farmers. They don't actually have a "uniform" as such for her class, but we wanted Caitlyn to feel like a ballerina.

On the 11th of December Caitlyn will be a ladybug in her very first ballet show. The whole ballet school will take part. I'm not quite sure if Caitlyn will be happy to be on stage in front of all the people or if she'll get all nervous and shy. We'll just have to wait and see. And this coming Saturday I'll be sewing her costume... which will be tricky... because I don't have a sewing machine... so will probably have to do hand sewing. Anybody have a spare sewing machine lying around?


Sharon said...

I can't believe she's grown up so much!

amanda said...

Kan nie glo nie...ladybird! Hoop Caitlyn geniet die opvoering terdee.

RosemaryO said...

So glad you are back to blogging. I really missed reading about your family. Caitlyn looks so adorable in her ballerina outfit.