Friday, June 10, 2011

About birthdays and going to big school

Today is cold and rainy.  It is winter.  In full force.  Which means we'll have to start ordering some firewood as the stack in our shed is now nearly finished.

Yesterday as we were discussing Bianca's birthday next week and what needs to still be done (and yes I'm a sucker for punishment and still has loads to do), Caitlyn suddenly said "I'm going to have a monster birthday party for my birthday.  Everybody will need to dress up as monsters.  I'm going to be a green monster.  And Barbies and princesses - and then the monsters will chase them and gobble them up.  And we'll play monster tag and monster musical statues.  So if you don't sit on a chair quickly, that means you are out - like the proper musical chairs.  But this is a monster musical chairs that you haven't played".  Seems like a certain little girl is excited about her next birthday - even though that is still 8 months away...

Speaking of which, it is a bit scary to realise that my 4 year old will be 5 in 8 months time and that in 8 months time she'll start big school as a new entrant.  And suddenly she'll experience a whole new world - a world of reading and writing and lots of new things to learn, new friends and new teachers.  Most of the kids who have been going to daycare with Caitlyn will be going to other schools because of the school zoning rules and where they live.  But she's never had problems making friends, so I am certainly not worried.


Maa said...

No time like the present to get your order in for your birthday, is there? You've had plenty of warning Lea. Haha! Maa

Dmarie said...

Caitlyn sounds like a smart little girl, and you are a smart mommy not to worry about her! Wish we all could sustain the joy and wonder of youth!!