Monday, June 6, 2011

Wands, bludgers, quaffles and a snitch

Today is a Harry Potter day - a day where I am working on stuff for Bianca's birthday party - which is now only about 2 weeks away (insert panic here). 

We have her guest list, invitations will go out tomorrow (which I really wanted to get out last week already, but we were not ready then), I'm busy making and painting wands and painting quaffles, bludgers and a golden snitch. We've figured out what she'll be wearing (sort of) and have a good idea of the entertainment and games.  The hall is all booked and for our $20 we are not only getting the hall, but tables and chairs as well as curtains all around the windows and then if the day looks anything like today - grey, chilly and rainy, then we are all set with our indoor venue.  I still need to try and make the potion pots and next week I'll need to focus on the cake.  So quite a bit I'm hoping to get done still and if all goes well I'm hopeful this will be a really fun party.

Bianca is certainly very excited and can hardly wait.  It is hard to believe she is turning 8 years old already - my little girl is growing up way too fast.

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Buttons said...

Wow 8 is a great age. I think this party will be fabulous. B