Thursday, June 30, 2011

Planning ahead...

Yesterday after I got Caitlyn from daycare she said "since I'm going to have a monster birthday party, I must have a monster cake". I really love how excited she is about her next birthday even though it is still nearly 8 months away.  And so of course I couldn't resist temptation and started looking on Google to see what sort of monster birthday party ideas there might be. I think it can be quite a cool and colourful theme, lots of fun things to incorporate it would seem.

But I won't be starting to actively plan anything just yet.  Not only is it way too early, but she might very well change her mind closer to the time.  

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James Glass said...

Your daughter is so precious! Thank God she is doing so well! It truely is a miracle. May the good Lord bless her and you and keep you and your family safe and healthy! Live strong!