Thursday, February 24, 2011

Caitlyn's 4th birthday celebrations - Part 1

So here is part 1 of Caitlyn's birthday celebrations.  Caitlyn turned 4 on the 22nd of Feb, but will have her birthday party with her friends this coming Sunday 27 Feb, so we'll share photos after the event :-)

Caitlyn started her day opening presents :-)

 Both girls got new shirts from family in South Africa and decided to wear it.

Caitlyn took some cupcakes to daycare to share with her friends.

She chose to have pizza for her special birthday dinner.

Because she'll have a proper cake on Sunday, we just made a few cupcakes to have at home.

Showing 4 fingers = 4 years old :-)

Blowing out candles.

I've been playing around with sugar paste icing to try and make little teddy bears because I saw a pretty cool idea that I want to try out for Caitlyn's birthday.  

Part 2 to follow...


Sharon said...

Love! Love! Love! Love! The Hello Kitty T-shirt!

Maa said...

What fun! ...and another celebration coming up as well. Don't you love it when your birthday goes on and on and on..... Maa