Friday, February 18, 2011

The issue of names

One of the things we decided when Bianca and Caitlyn were born, was that they should have names that are easy to spell and easy to pronounce.  Years ago I worked with a girl whose name was Joan and she would get so cross with everybody because it was pronounced Joanne and I didn't want that for my girls.  I wanted something simple.

I do notice though more and more that I'll write about Caitlyn in an email or reply to somebody's email and I might say something about Caitlyn and this person will then write "Caitlin" or "Katelyn".  Now I can understand if they wrote to me first and wrote "Caitlin" or "Katelyn", but they'll continue doing that even though I will write "Caitlyn".  Do they assume I'm getting it wrong?  Or do they simply not read?  Or do they not agree with the way we chose to spell Caitlyn and they are trying to prove a point by flat out refusing to spell it correctly?

I try not to let it bug me, but it is starting to get to me that people will flat out ignore the way we spell it and I do think that it is rather rude when somebody can't at least make an effort to get it correct.  If not the first time they write it, then at least when I reply with the correct spelling.

So for the record - it is C A I T L Y N - with a Y.  Not an I.  But a Y. 


RosemaryO said...

Lea, I just checked to see if I spelled her name right!!!! I'm glad I did!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

God I hope I did too! ;-D I get mad when people can't spell my sons name right! It's Michael not Micheal! :D So yeah come on people, get it right would ya!

Maa said...

Yep, I just had to check that I got it right too. Haha! I did!! No slap on the wrist for me then. Maa

Merideth said...

Oh names!! My name is Merideth. Most common spelling is Meredith. This is how people spell my name ALL the time. Even when I tell them 100 times that its "i before e" :-) And Caitlyn is a BEAUTIFUL name! ♥