Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You may have seen in the news that there was another big earthquake in Christchurch.  It was a magnitude of 6.3 or something.  The one in September was a bigger magnitude, but this one is far far more devastating. 

You just look at some of the video clips (here) and (here) and a number of photos just to realise the devastation and shock that these people must feel tonight.

And the sad bit is that this time round people are trapped and people have died.  It really makes you realise how quick things can happen.  How unexpected and how very unprepared most of us actually are. 

Please keep these people in your prayers and thoughts.


Kiwi said...

I have just seen the news. It's terrible. And the second time in such a short time.
We hope that our friends are doing well ...

Sharon said...

Devastating! Just glad our friends there are safe for now.
Sending prayers!

Maa said...

Have been watching the news all day. Terrible, devastating news. It's just not fair. Maa

RosemaryO said...

So sorry for the people in your country. Terrible news.