Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life truly sux sometimes!!!

I did not sleep well last night. 

First I went to bed pretty late (I never learn, do I?), then Caitlyn woke up twice last night with some or the other dream that made her feel scared, then I was so sure I heard one of the cats and it sounded like they caught some unknown (but I was sure some disgusting kind of bug with wings, and feelers and long legs, something that was sure to escape and jump on me), so I woke Terence up in a panic and he checked and... nothing.  Sigh!  And in the meantime I tossed and turned, my head filled with thoughts.

Yesterday was a BAD day.  Not for us, but for 2 people who we met before.  The one couple learned that their daughter relapsed.  She had neuroblastoma.  Unfortunately a relapse means it is not curable and there is nothing more they can do except to try and give some quality of life.  The little girl must be about 3. 

Then another friend learned that her son relapsed with his leukemia and now they are in the fight of his life.  He will start getting treatment straightaway to try and treat his relapse, but it will be hard.  Incredibly hard.  The chemo will be intense.  He is only 6 or 7.  He completed more than 3 years of treatment, and here they go again...

It sucks!  Big time!  My heart is absolutely breaking for these two families. 

Sometimes life is just so incredibly unfair. 

I cannot even begin to imagine what they must be feeling.  The sadness, the desperation, the frustration, the anger, the devastation. 

At the best of days nobody wants their child to become ill, but when they do, when the initial shock wears off, you live life as best as you can in this child cancer journey, trying your best to stay standing as your world around you comes tumbling down.  You manage, not always easy, but you do. 

You believe, you stay focused, you work hard at doing all you can for your child. To save them from this horrible, horrible disease.  And so it must be so incredibly devastating and heartbreaking when after all you have been through you have to hear the words "I'm sorry your child has relapsed..."

I'm not sharing specifics about these two families because right now they need some space, some time, some privacy.  But can I please ask that you keep these two families in your prayers and thoughts.  My heart absolutely breaks for them :'-(.


Sharon said...

How very sad indeed! Life is so very unfair sometimes!

RosemaryO said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friends' relapse and reoccurance. I followed your one friend from the beginning when I found your blog back in 2007. I have been following their caringbridge for many years. I never commented on their site but read her story from afar. There are no words. Life is so unfair. Feeling such sadness at this news.
They are in my thoughts and prayers
We are coming to the end of this journey on 2/15 next week with joy, hope, and apprehension.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

So, so sorry Lea ♥

Dmarie said...

oh, how very tragic! I will be hoping for the very best outcomes for all. A friend going through medical issues with one of her kids went through a year of hell in which her favorite saying was "Life's a bitch; then you die." Well, her kid is now in his 20s and living a good quality of life. Sometimes things work out...we can always hope!