Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two monthly hospital visit and school updates

Bianca had a hospital visit today.  She goes every 2nd month and we do bloods and the doctor gets to see her and make sure that we are still on track.  Bianca's counts were all good, Doctor is very happy with her and even her weight and height are on track.  She didn't get to go to school today because by the time we got back from the city, her school closed for the day.  They closed earlier than usual because of parent-teacher meetings.

I actually had an informal chat with Bianca's teacher about a week ago, but tonight was a "formal" opportunity.  Only 10 minutes to share our expectations because they have not yet had a chance to test the kids.  Both Terence and I are so impressed with this teacher and we feel absolutely confident that Bianca is in for a great year!  He feels confident she will be one of the high achievers in his class and has already told us that he is very committed to making sure 2011 will be a fun and challenging year for Bianca's class. 

Bianca also started with One Day School yesterday and she had a very exciting day!  They discussed famous people and challenges and Bianca "invented" a drink bottle that "holds" the straw for you.  She also drew a design for an automated plant feeder and the teacher was very impressed with her idea and demonstrating the process. 

I'm so very proud of Bianca!

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Sharon said...

And so you should be!
So very pleased to hear that she is doing so well!!