Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holidays, netball, reading...

At the moment Bianca is on school holiday.  It is hard to believe that term 1 is finished and that we are going into term 2 very soon.  Somehow this year feels like it is moving way too fast.  Of course Bianca will say that it is not moving quite fast enough and if she had her way, her birthday in June would be tomorrow :-).  Some days it is just Bianca and I as Caitlyn goes to daycare a few days a week.  Bianca chose to watch Harry Potter 1 yesterday and today (which is good because it will help with our birthday preparation) and in between Bianca is motoring through a bunch of fairy chapter books and is on her 3rd one in 2 days.  I expect we'll have to visit the library really soon again...

Bianca will be playing netball now in term 2 and we have been going to school every day to practice shooting goals.  It seems a lifetime ago since I played netball at school, but I used to enjoy it a lot and it seems Bianca will too.  They were not sure if they would have enough kids for a team, but Bianca was one of the kids putting up her hand and so they managed to put together a team.  I'm pleased because she first played some netball when she was in year 2 in Auckland and then unfortunately missed out on the end of the season when we moved here.  Typically they only seem to start from Year 4 here in Wellington, so it is good that they have managed to put together a team now in Year 3. 

So I think this coming term will be busy.  That means on Mondays she has gymnastics, Tuesdays during lunchtime at school she has her guitar lesson, Fridays during lunchtime she has her netball practice, Saturday mornings will be netball matches and Saturday afternoons cheerleading.  It feels as if Bianca has really discovered the activities she would like to focus on and I would imagine wanting to continue with.  Caitlyn doesn't seem keen to do ballet again next term, but I'm thinking of maybe letting her try out junior jiggles which is sort of a jazz kind of dancing for little kids.  She does like dancing at home and would often jump up if music starts playing and she seems to have her own way of dancing.  Actually not too bad. And then on Thursdays Caitlyn's daycare class goes to gymnastics so Caitlyn will continue with that.   

Somewhere in between we will have to try and fit in swimming because neither of my kids can swim.  When Bianca was diagnosed with cancer we had to stop her swimming lessons because of the health risk associated with heated indoor swimming pools and so it has been a really long time since she had swimming lessons and of course we didn't take Caitlyn because it didn't feel fair that one could and the other couldn't.  But it's time.  If only just to learn the basics to be able to help themselves if they should fall into the water.  Living in New Zealand you are surrounded by water and you are never more than 1.5 hours away from the nearest beach.  In fact we have a beach 5 minutes' drive away and several more a bit further.

So busy times it seems.  But manageable - even if it sounds really busy. 

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