Friday, April 22, 2011

A homemade Christmas this year?

Of course Christmas is still months away.  But this year I'm hoping to be able to make some special gifts for the girls, rather than just buying stuff.  I'm not quite sure what I'll try and make.  Yesterday when we went to the library to get Bianca some new books to read, I went through the craft section looking for ideas and inspiration.  Maybe I'll make them each their own scrapbook album with some special photos.  Or maybe I'll try and knit them some fun toys.  Or maybe I'll try and crochet them each a colourful blanket - hmmm, lots of ideas out there.

And as I was browsing I noticed some calligraphy books.  Years ago I did calligraphy - just a basic class which I really enjoyed.  I remember it was held in this really cool paper shop.  Le Papier du Nord or something like that.  And it was the kind of shop where you look around thinking "If I won the lotto today...".  And so I find myself thinking it might be cool to try my hand at calligraphy again.  Now if only I can find where I left my spare time...


Jess said...

I've been thinking of this too. For my cousins it'll be knitted egg cosies (little ballerina ones - they are 7 and 5) and maybe some cute knitted owls or flowers stuck onto hair clips. A good few months to think of and make something for everyone else.

amanda said...

Hoe vorder die hekelwerk?

Jou idee van laas Kersfees was wonderlik. En die kinders het dit baie geniet. Dis nie die "groot" geskenke wat die belangrikste is nie...dis net die liefde en aandag wat tel!!

Baie trots op jou en baie lief vir julle. ma xxxx

Buttons said...

I like theses ideas and if you find that spare time maybe you can tell me where you found yours so I can go looking for mine. Take care. B

Lea White said...

Jess - Those are neat ideas!

Ma - lanklaas gehekel, so moet my agterend in rat kry :-)

Buttons, so far not much luck :-)