Saturday, April 2, 2011

The iPad generation...

Things here have suddenly become really busy with all the planning with regards to our new business.  And because of what we're hoping to achieve had to join the iPad generation.  We bought an iPad 1 (not 2 because that got sold out so fast I'm sure some people's heads are still spinning).  Some of what we will be doing will need to run on things like the iPad, iPhone and so on and it is therefore important that we test it out, get our heads around what is out there and so on and once our projects are ready for release be able to test our own applications.  So between Terence and Bianca - the iPad is getting a major test drive. 

Bianca's favourite application at the moment (well we've only downloaded 3 apps so far) is Plants vs Zombies.  It is a lot of fun and requiring a little bit of strategy, but certainly manageable for Bianca's age.  Another one that is quite addictive is Hop which is based on the very popular Doodle Jump.  This is a free application, but the original Doodle Jump goes for something like $1.99 and I believe that there have been around 10 million paid downloads of doodle jump.  Oh my!  That is a lot!  And then some hungry shark one (also free) - oh and Angry Birds, a 4th download (also free).

Right now we have about 3 projects we are working on with quite a few on our list of future projects.  Not sure when eventually we'll have a completed project because I'm finding that the process is actually quite involved.  And of course in between product design, I'm also spending my time sourcing quotes for graphic designers so we can get our logo done, working on our website, opening bank accounts and all sorts of admin tasks.  So definitely busy days for me.  But it is good.  It offers a whole new world ready to be explored.  :-)

In other news, tonight is the end of our daylight savings time and we will be turning the clocks back 1 hour.  Even though autumn (or fall) has only just begun, it is definitely at times feeling like winter is right here on our door steps.  Dark in the morning when we wake up, a definite chill in the morning air and some evenings we've even taken a hot water bottle to bed (no I'm not a fan of an electric blanket).  If this is the way it is going, I think we might be in for a long winter this year.

And that is pretty much what we are up to.  I can't believe that we are now in April.  This year is going way too fast...

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