Friday, April 8, 2011

Just a very quick update...

because I developed a cold and am not feeling great so will be heading off to bed soon.  Thankfully my kids are very considerate and earlier today I managed to have a bit of a nap while Caitlyn quietly amused herself during that time.  I was feeling quite horrible and I am just so glad that my kids are not the kind of kids who want their parents to entertain them 24/7 and they've learned to sometimes play by themselves.  I guess this cold is a sign that winter is right here on our door step.

On Wednesday Bianca had her 2-monthly checkup and doctor is very happy with her.  The blood test results were not ready in time, but there were no worrying signs so doctor wasn't really worried.  Bianca had slightly swollen lymph nodes which we assume is really just because of the mild cold symptoms she has at the moment.  When we got home I rang the clinic to find out if the blood test results were ready and unfortunately the sample clotted and they were unable to get a result.  Sigh!  So they asked if we could go to Kenepuru Hospital for another sample the following day.  Kenepuru is about halfway so more practical than going all the way to the city just for another blood test.

It was strange to be back at this hospital.  So many memories came flooding back.  We took Bianca there on the 2nd of June 2007.  We thought it was going to just be a quick visit and them telling us that the swollen lymph node at the back of her head was because of the tonsillitis infection she developed the beginning of May and that they would just give her a bit more antibiotics to clear it all up.  Of course it didn't quite go that way, it ended up with Bianca being referred to Wellington hospital, a blood test revealed low platelets, low haemoglobin, low neutrophils, high white cell count, a transfusion and a hospital admission.  The start of a journey that would change our lives forever.

Kenepuru Hospital was also the place we came to beginning of 2008 just when Bianca started maintenance.  Up to that point they used her port for blood tests, but when kids go onto maintenance they try and encourage them to get used to finger pricks because blood tests continue even when ports are removed.  We went there because we didn't need to go all the way to the city just for a blood test.  That first time was so traumatic for Bianca.  She screamed her little head off.  And now?  She happily sits there, chooses the finger and holds it out for the finger prick.

So after the test on Thursday, we went to the North City Shopping Centre to wait for the results.  I figured that if it was going to clot again, at least we would be close by and can quickly go and repeat it.  Got to the shopping centre and we walked past the hairdressers we went to in 2007 just when Bianca's hair started falling out.  First we cut it short, but then another time shaved it all off.  At that stage Bianca had hair going everywhere.  She would wake up with hair in her mouth, she had hair falling in her food and it just irritated her.  So on that day the three of us (Terence, Bianca and I got our hair shaved).  That must have been in July 2007. 

We also walked past the food court.  I remember the time Bianca was on steroids and she would crave chicken nuggets.  So by 10 am in the morning she'd insist we go to the mall (only when her counts were fine) and we'd go to this one fish and chip takeaways place at the food court.  They sold chicken nuggets and also slices of bread.  She would then ask for chicken nuggets and bread.  Then we would sit there and she would stuff it all into her mouth and beg me to get her more.  I often wondered what other people must have thought because this was before she lost her hair and didn't look ill, and instead just looked like a fat kid (the steroids made her go all swollen and puffy).  Must be honest, I so don't miss the steroid days.  We used to dread every moment of it.

And so on Thursday Bianca and I ended up having a Bianca and Mummy day.  The nurse said she would call as soon as she knew the results and in the meantime Bianca and I walked past a number of shops.  Looked at some cool toys and clothes and had a quick lunch at one of the coffee shops.  That was a lot of fun - just the two of us.  Went back to Kenepuru to get the results and all is well and in normal ranges. 

So that's that for another 2 months.  And soon Bianca will have another ultrasound which is a follow up from the one we did in Auckland to make sure her kidneys are still fine.


Sharon said...

I'm so glad that your stroll down memory lane was a special day with you and Bianca.
Hope you feel better soon!

RosemaryO said...

Great news on the blood work and appointment! Those memories will always be there I'm sure. Maybe time will help them fade, but life changing events of this nature will really never go away.
Hope you feel better soon.

Maa said...

Hugs to you both, Lea. You're a wonderful mummy. Hope you feel better very soon and take good care of you and the family. Stay warm. Maa.