Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I've made quite a few changes to my "online attitude" or whatever you want to call it. 

For one I only access Facebook for a short little while at night.  I asked Terence to block it so that I could only access it between 9 and 12 at night.  That's it.  I found that Facebook just became this big habit and that without thinking I would type "" and press enter before I could even blink and then because I was there, I would "just quickly see what was happening".  So time to make a change.  Since I no longer have access to it during the day, I must be honest that I'm actually not missing it much. 

Another change I have been making is to hide some people on Facebook so I won't have to see their status updates in my newsfeed.  I find that some just plain irritate the heck out of me and I end up rolling my eyes so much that I start getting a headache.  Some people are just so full of themselves and I think the day they realise the world doesn't actually revolve around them, would come as a nasty shock to them.  I've also noticed how rude and insensitive and just plain arrogant, snobbish and bullying some can be and so it was time to take control again.  Why would I expose myself to this kind of attitude all of the time?  So I started hiding them.  They are still there, but I'm taking control when I am ready to go and see what they are up to.

And then there are blogs.  Since I started blogging in 2007 I started following quite a few blogs and journals.  And things have changed a bit there too.  I found that some blogs I used to enjoy because it was entertaining and sometimes even offered me something that I could learn about, but some of these blogs have changed quite a bit.  Some bloggers are now turning every single topic into a "feel sorry for me" kind of topic" (I'm not talking about people who are dealing with real difficult and challenging issues.  Or they sit there and over analyse every single thing they write about and turn it into this dramatic situation.  Really?  Can't it just be some light hearted chat about something? 

The blogs that I really enjoy actually have some real news to share.  I enjoy reading about the place they live, what their kids get up to and in particular Renee from Life with my Special K's has mastered the art of really just sharing what her kids get up to.  And I just love how this blog always shares something positive, something bright and colourful.  There are a number of cool blogs I love following at the moment.  Some in the side bar (and some bookmarked on my laptop), but I love the simplicity of some of these blogs.  I love the feel good that they often offer and I love how some really do educate.  And of course there are some blogs that I follow because they deal with a real struggle and I would like to stay updated so I could "be there" for them.  Once you enter the world of child cancer for instance, you become part of this community, so something like this will always be something close to my heart.

But that's life I guess.  A person changes.  And sometimes you actually start seeing the real person after a while and sometimes that is a good thing, but sometimes it is then that you realise you have reached a point where you actually have nothing in common with that person and then it is sometimes time to move on.  And that is what I happened with some of the blogs I used to follow.

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Sharon said...

I've been thinking along the same lines as you. My journey has changed and with it so many other things have changed to. I've also just finished a big clean out in on my FB account but have really started wondering what is the point of it all.

My time online is about my enjoyment and if its leading to unecessary irritation or conflict then I'd just rather not participate.