Friday, May 6, 2011


Weekend.  Tomorrow was going to be a busy day for us with Bianca's netball in the morning and then cheerleading later on, but turned out netball was cancelled because thanks to the rain, they have not managed to finish sealing the court.  A bit disappointing because Bianca was really looking forward to it, but that's okay, there will be next week I'm sure...

On Sunday we have friends over for lunch and possibly supper so I need to think a little bit about what to make.  I'm not the most creative cook to be honest.  Ooh, maybe sago pudding seeing as it is pretty cold at the moment and maybe oxtail???  Yum!

And I really need to make a start on some of the paper mache things I want to make for Bianca's birthday.  I know it will take some time to let each layer dry before putting the next so it is not going to be a quick project.  But hopefully, if all goes to plan, it will come out looking really nice.  I must say I really enjoy this - planning parties for my girls and putting it together and watching the excitement on their faces as they share their ideas.

And that is our weekend in a nutshell :-)  Hope you all have a good weekend too.

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Dmarie said...

paper're ambitious! look forward to seeing what projects you come up with!