Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wild weather

So I understand there was a tornado here in Waikanae this afternoon.  [Insert shocked expression here] and I understand it affected the very bottom of our street (at the more rural side).  Not too severely, but still...

And the thing is... I slept right through it.  I probably would not have seen anything, but the wind would have been wild and I believe there was hail at one point and lots of rain.  The only way we were affected was with a brief power outage, but all good now.

It seems this is the year of extreme situations everywhere.


Sharon said...

Scarey! I've only experienced a tornado once and it was very scary. In the middle of the night in Cape Town in the late 1990's! The wind that night had been HECTIC and had kept me awake as I was convinced it was going to blow the windows in. We were lucky and only lost a few roof tiles but when I turned on the news, I discovered it had actually been 2 tornado's and it had wrecked havoc on the Cape Flats!
Glad you're all ok!

RosemaryO said...

Glad you experienced no effects from the wild weather!