Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to school and back to routines

I've actually got some photos to post from our trip to Aotea Lagoon on Friday, but I need Terence's help downloading photos, so as soon as he can help, I'll do that :-).

Today was back to school for Bianca.  And she was excited.  She was ready an hour before the time. 

With the start of Term 3 it means we are now back into our usual routines.  Homework, mathletics, reading every night, gymnastics for Bianca on a Monday, netball and cheerleading on a Saturday.  Busy, but fun times. 

One of the things Bianca is working towards the cheerleading competition she'll be doing in November.  That means today I had to start looking at flights and accommodation because the competition will be in Auckland.  One of the things Bianca is so excited about is possibly meeting up with her best two friends from Auckland. 

I also had to start looking at a local cattery to keep Prince Charming and Looey for the weekend.  I'm a bit anxious about that - they are really, really wary of strangers.  I have no idea how they'll cope with something like that and I guess we can only find out.

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