Friday, August 5, 2011

Our weekend in a nutshell

Bianca gets guitar lessons on a Wednesday at lunch time.  Her teacher offered to do this for free, because he loves singing and he loves to play and so this worked perfect for us.  After Wednesday Bianca came home and I could see a few things that looked like she wasn't doing it quite right.  She's really new to it and it will take time, but I cannot play the guitar and there is no way I can help her.  So I asked her teacher if he could please just give me a bit of guidance on how it is supposed to work.  This afternoon when I picked Bianca up from school he quickly gave me a quick demonstration.  And wow!  He plays well!  And he sings well!  And he made it look fairly simple and straightforward and I can hear the beat and we went home all motivated.  Got home, tried what he did and... it sounded nothing like his demonstration.  In fact where I can actually hear the melody when he plays it, it simply sounds like some weird attempt to play when I try...  Somehow I don't think the guitar is a very easy instrument to play (and to think I wanted to learn to play the violin...).

Tonight Caitlyn got sick and vomited all over her lap just after she ate some of her supper.  Sigh!  I sure hope it was just a one off and not a tummy bug we are dealing with.  It has been a long time since we dealt with this kind of thing...  So we might be in for a long night...

Tomorrow Bianca has netball and cheerleading.  She'll be playing Goal Shoot in the second half.  It is not her favourite position anymore, but at this age they rotate every week.  Then in the afternoon cheerleading.  We've been working hard at handstands and she cannot quite do it without help, but she's getting better at it.

And hopefully on Sunday we'll get to go swimming for a bit.

And that is our weekend in a nutshell.  Hope you all have a good one!


Buttons said...

Oh I do hope Caitlyn is feeling better. Have a nice weekend. B

cat said...

Gosh, I hope she is all better now. Guitar is relatively easy if you just work with cords - if you go into classical it is quite hard.

Hope you have a great one

letthismindbeinyou said...

Wow, Bianca is a busy girl!

I totally understand what you mean about guitar. I am self-taught and I felt like I did *ok*, but felt that I really needed some guidance so I put it down. Been thinking about picking it up again tho. What song is B learning?

Sure hope Caitlyn feels better. Stomach bugs are no fun.