Sunday, August 7, 2011

A proud moment and exciting times to come...

So proud of Caitlyn.  This morning she got up before us.  The kids know that on a weekend we get to sleep in a bit.  So this morning Caitlyn decided that she was going to make her own breakfast.  First she decided to make toast and dragged a chair to the kitchen so she could reach, but we were running low on margarine and so she changed her mind and put some corn flakes into a bowl with some milk.  She made a bit of a mess (but cleaned it up later on) and couldn't finish it all because she put too much into her bowl.  But she did it.  My 4 year old made her very own breakfast without any help.

The next few weeks I'm thinking it is going to get pretty exciting around here and just another sign that spring is not too far away.  The farmer whose property we are renting has a sheep paddock behind and to the side of us (we are not responsible for the sheep or the sheep paddock), but he said that in the next few weeks he is expecting lambs to arrive.  So exciting and so cool.  I can't wait :-).

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