Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a great day!

The past 2 weeks have been crazy busy.  And freezing cold.  But today is a nice sunny day.  Right now the girls are playing outside (Caitlyn dressed as a pink fairy and Bianca as a witch but a "friendly witch").  Today was Bianca's last netball match of the season and wow, her team did so great!  They won 8 - 2.  Absolutely amazing.  They have come such a long way, but then they had an amazing coach.

So after the game everybody came to our house and we had a shared morning tea and a little ceremony.  The past 2 weeks I prepared some photos (of the more than 600 I took during the season) for each girl which I put in an envelope for each girl.  Basically photos showing the girls in action.  And I took the team photo and put it in a little folder with the names so they could have a keepsake.  Vanessa handed out the certificates of participation that the netball association prepared for them and then it was time for our big surprise.

The parents all wanted to give Vanessa something to say thank you for volunteering to coach and so we've all collected some money and got Vanessa a shopping mall gift card.  I then made her a "coach of the season" certificate and put this in a frame alongside the team photo and then I made a bit of a scrapbook as a summary of the netball season.  And it showed some photos of their practices, getting ready for that very first match, some action photos and I made a page showing photos of each girl in action i.e. a Bianca page.  And then I also copied around 600 photos to disk for Vanessa.

I then got each girl to read a line to Vanessa i.e. Vanessa, we had a lot of fun playing netball... etc.  And so 6 girls each said something and 4 of them gave gifts (there were 10 in the team).  And of course Vanessa became all emotional and the one little girl said "those are tears of joy!". 

It was such a fun day!

Unfortunately it does mean I fell off the wagon with my new journey to become healthy and fit.  But I'll just have to try harder from next week again!



Marcia (123 blog) said...

That is SUCH a special thing to have done! I would have been OVER the moon with even a 10th of the effort :)

cat said...

What a special moment for the coach. Our Princess has just started netball and loves it - being the tallest in the class she is Assistant Goal and loves it - being goal was boring, she says!