Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thinking about tomorrow...

You'll see a new tab on the side where I will record more detail of my weight loss and getting fit attempts.  We have a long way to go in learning to plan our meals properly so that we have 6 smaller meals each day.   They say that is the key - to feed your body often with smaller meals rather than less with bigger meals. 

Tomorrow is going to be challenging with regards to walking I think because I have Caitlyn at home the whole day and then in the afternoon Bianca has gymnastics at 5:30, finished at 6:30.  I pick up Terence from the train station and we pick Bianca up.  Then Terence will have squash probably around 7 / 7:30pm which means I probably couldn't go walking until 8pm.  Hmmm, it is still quite dark at this stage at 8pm.  This is where it will be nice when it is summer because it will only get dark around 9pm. 

Of course I could probably go walking with Caitlyn during the day, but it won't count much for exercise because she likes to take a break and sitting under the trees every 2 minutes.  :-). 

So maybe I might just haul out the Wii Fit tomorrow and spend some time doing that.

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