Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ahh, the memories...

I can't actually remember what I was looking for on Youtube.  But suddenly it was like a trip down memory lane.  Songs that were popular when I was very young still popped up in the suggestions on the side.  There are actually quite a few songs that when I hear them they instantly bring back memories and I can instantly remember that moment as if it was yesterday.  Except it wasn't yesterday.  It was a lifetime ago...

The moment I hear this song, I remember 1989.  I was in Std 5 (or year 7) (oh wow!  That's 22 years ago!!!!!!).  One of the subjects we had was needlework and that year our project was to make a top and a skirt which we then had to tie and dye.  And I chose this bright yellow.  I thought it looked stunning.  And of course didn't realise that it should be washed separately and so washed it with my brother's brand new white Bart Simpson shirt.  The moment I took it out of the washing machine and realised that thanks to my beautifully tie-dyed outfit, my brother's brand new shirt now sort of looked a very faded yellow.  Or rather white with these yellow splotches.  Panic!!  Big time!!  We had a block of sunlight soap and boy did I scrub that shirt of my brother's and thankfully it worked.  Phew!  But back to the memory.  That year we had a fashion parade at the end of the year to show off our sewing to our parents and this was the song that played:


1990 / 1991 (can't actually remember but it was one of these two years) I was very much into Roxette.  Like in big time.  Especially this one (but actually all of them) -

And my cousin made me this mixed tape (oh wow, when last did you see a tape?) and it had amongst others also this song:

1992 -

In 1992 at my high school we also had singing competitions where each class chose a song to perform on stage in front of the whole school and then at the end of it one class won.  Can't actually remember what the prize was, but our class did not win.  One class did an amazing version of Grease - Summer Nights.  My class did this one (apologies to the English readers it is an Afrikaans song):

And then still in 1992 one of my best friends really liked these two songs.  She could actually play it on her guitar and she often sang / hummed it.  What I remember from that time was that her and our other best friend and I were going to start a band.  We actually started trying to work out a band name and everything.  And that's a great goal to work towards...  except this particular friend was the only one who could actually sing or play a musical instrument.  So not sure how well our band ambitions would have worked out :-)

Ahh, and this one (well this one must have been way back in 1987 or 1988), but for some reason I really liked this song and so promised my brother I would sing it at his next birthday (I'm not sure he was very impressed with me, but anyway) -

Oh those were the days...  Of course now I simply feel old!

And this one deserves a mention (even if Terence will cringe at the thought), 1997 was the year that Terence and I met and started dating.  And of course in those days he was very much still trying to impress and I really liked Coleske and so he actually booked tickets for us to go to their show in Durban that year.  He actually went with me to their concert :-)  And he actually bought me their CD at the time. And he actually allowed me to play it in his car (now if I want to listen to something that I like - I have to either listen to it when he is not around or on my ipod) :-).  This song in particular played a lot on the radio prior to their show -

What songs bring back memories for you?


cat said...

Oh I loved that Coleske song. Ek neem aan jy verstaan nog Afrikaans - Dana Snyman het so pragtige storietji oor @Neem my op vlerke@ - al ooit gehoor of gelees?

LatteJunkie said...

Indecent Obsession - wow all the memories!!! That was the third tape I owned - the first being Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.

Mr Boombastic and Buffalo Soldier were the staple music choice at our high school...

I love doing the youtube shuffle.

Lea White said...

@Cat - Ja, ek verstaan Afrikaans :-). Nee nog nie die storie gehoor nie, sal moet kyk of ek dit kan kry.

@LatteJunkie - Ahh yes - Mr Boombastic and Buffalo Soldier - I remember those too :-)