Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saying goodbye

It is never easy!  Especially when it is somebody extremely close to your heart.

Today we said goodbye to Marg, the most wonderful and amazing family support worker at CCF.  We met Marg way back in 2007 just after Bianca was diagnosed with leukemia.  She was the one who came and dropped off this big bag with essentials - a toiletry bag, some vouchers, lots of reading material to help us understand this new world called child cancer (and leukemia).  She was the one who organised a pink bandanna for Bianca when we asked because we were so worried about her losing her hair and wanted her to get used to wearing a bandanna before that actually happened.  When Bianca was diagnosed it was around 2 weeks before her 4th birthday and so suddenly with hearing the words "she has leukemia" everything changed and we had to cancel her birthday party, the venue, the friends, the entertainment - everything.  But it was too late to cancel the cake.  Marg organised an impromptu birthday party right there in the hospital for Bianca - organising some of the other patients, nurses and doctors as guests, organising balloons and some snacks and all we had to worry about was bringing the cake (not that Bianca ate any of it, she was on steroids and had a firm craving for salt and vinegar pringles chips).

Marg was more than a family support worker.  She was a rock in a very uncertain and unknown time.  She was a constant when the world felt like it was collapsing. She was a presence when all you needed was somebody to be there, an ear when you needed somebody to listen, and a voice when we needed to fight a hospital system not very understanding.  Marg was and is like family.  And she truly understood the road we were walking - once, a long time ago, she too was a child cancer parent and that aspect made her an amazing family support worker.  Somebody who could anticipate your needs, your fears, your worries without you needing to say anything.

Now after dedicating nearly 15 years to CCF, it was time for Marg to leave CCF and do something just for her and for her family.  But oh boy!  We are so sad Marg is leaving.  We will miss her so much.  But we wish her all the very very best.

Go well Marg.  You will never truly realise just how much you meant to us, you changed our lives in such a great and positive way.  Marg, it was such a privilege to have met you.  May the road ahead of you be filled with amazing blessings!

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cat said...

Truly, some of the people that work with sick kids are so remarkable.