Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm nuts!

Utterly nuts.  And obsessive. 

So recently we watched Rio.  What a cute movie!  And one of the voices is from one of my favourite actors - Jemaine Clement.  I think Rio is going to be one of those movies we'll probably watch quite a few times.  And you should have heard Caitlyn laughing throughout the movie.  She thoroughly enjoyed it and of course her laughing would just set us off.  Then as I watched the movie I started wondering about exotic birds.  Like macaws.  And Cockatoos.  And all sorts of colourful parrots.  And what do I do? I start reading up on them.  And reading some more.  And I found myself actually wanting one of these cool birds.  And not just wanting one, but maybe even breeding.  We once visited somebody who actually breeds birds like cockatiels and budgies and we got to see the tiny birds that she was handrearing.  So cute.  So yes - in my mind I have this all worked out you see.  I would have this cool, colourful bird.  It would be tame, sitting on my shoulder, possibly even talking.  And how rewarding to go into breeding...

And really only one small problem.  We have cats.  And I don't really fancy our cats eating a bird worth a few hundred dollars.  Oh and there is the issue of noise I guess.  It could potentially likely drive us nuts if it was like a macaw or a cockatoo.  And they mess.  And they are like kids wanting lots and lots of attention.  They say cockatoos can live up to 80 years (so for 80 years I'd have something that is like a 2 year old). 

So in my mind I know that sure maybe one day it would be nice to have an aviary of birds with some being handreared, but now - with cats, with very little garden space (for aviaries) and small kids who could get seriously hurt - not a great idea for now.  Apart from the fact that Terence most definitely has not been convinced...

So yes, I know it is not going to happen right now.  But what do I do?  I keep reading.  Like I said - I'm totally nuts!  At least with all the reading if this ever was to happen, then at least I can say I've done loads of research!

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