Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stupid Dora

Once upon a time Bianca loved Dora.  So much so she watched her Dora DVDs over and over and she even had a Dora duvet cover and pillow case.  And I didn't mind Dora so much.  Bianca used to like Teletubbies when she was 2.  Then we thought she liked Barney because she saw it from somewhere and got her 1 DVD which we started letting her watch and that was sooooo annoying that the DVD conveniently disappeared very quickly.  Teletubbies I could handle, Barney most definitely not!  And then after that it was Dora.  Caitlyn wasn't so much into Teletubbies, she liked the Wot Wots and In the Night Garden, but also likes Dora.

This morning I kept Bianca home from school.  She has a fairly bad cough and didn't sleep well last night and since today is a half day anyway I figured it wouldn't really matter anyway.  So we had the TV on for a little bit as she is busy with the colouring competition sheet she got from school yesterday and guess what comes on?  That's right - Dora the Explorer.  I couldn't help smiling:

Dora: "Can you see the nutty forrest?"
Bianca: "It's right there, stupid!"
Dora: "We had 3 wishes and we used one, how many wishes do we have left?"
Bianca: "2, stupid!"

She got so irritated by Dora and her "stupid" questions and I had to remind her that Dora was made for little kids not for 8 year olds :-).  And of course morning TV is aimed at little kids not 8 year olds normally in school.

So all the parents out there pulling their hair out at shows like Teletubbies, Barney, Dora, In the Night Garden and so on... Rest assured, it does get better.  When they are 8 they think those shows are thoroughly stupid :-)


Anonymous said...

I still have a long way to go with Caleb - I've tried keeping Barney away from him but somehow that Purple Beast finds its way in :)

Buttons said...

I hope Bianca is feeling better soon. I have not had kids around in so long I remember Sesame Street and Mr. Dressup. B

LatteJunkie said...

We have steered well clear of Barney and the Wiggles and their cronies.

But we have an ongoing love affair with Winnie The Pooh and Blues Clues...

Hope you have a great school holiday!