Monday, July 25, 2011

A chilly update...

This morning we woke to this:

These are the mountains / ranges / hills (whatever you want to call it) that we see when we look out our kitchen window (the brown house at the bottom of the bottom photo is our neighbours just across from our house, the middle one people on the corner about 2 houses away and the top one a little further down the street).  Up to now it has not been THAT cold.  I mean it's been chilly and we've had some rubbish weather with rain and hail and even a tornado, but today was freeze-your-fingers-off cold.  Brrrrr!!!!  So we had the fire going all day pretty much.

This morning the kids had friends over and after they left the girls were watching a DVD and I was looking out of the glass sliding door by our lounge and saw this:

I believe they are Eastern Rosellas.  A type of parrot that is really native to Australia, but was introduced a long time ago to New Zealand.  They are actually considered a pest as far as I can find out because they compete with our native birds for food.  But they are so beautiful.  And no they are not tame.  I've seen them before, but they are usually too quick for me to actually take photos of them, but today they were taking their time in our one tree.

Not long after, our rain suddenly changed.  We could actually see snowflakes.  It didn't settle on the ground, but for about 10 minutes or so it actually snowed.  The kids were totally excited and fascinated and couldn't believe their eyes.  I think the only disappointment was that it didn't snow enough so they could actually have snow on the ground to make a snowman :-)

Here is a small video clip of the girls' reaction:


Johan said...

Wow. We just drove for hours this weekend to go tobogganing in the snow and you get it in your back yard! I know it's cold, but I think it's awesome.

Maa said...

"The clouds are peeing"... very cute!! The things kids say! Haha! Maa

Buttons said...

The weather never ceases to amaze me you are freezing we are melting. Funny. B