Friday, July 22, 2011

A netball cake

Yesterday was Bianca's last holiday netball session.  She absolutely loved the netball sessions and I'm hopeful she's learned a few things that will help her with the remaining matches next term.  So for the session yesterday they decided to have a shared afternoon tea.

Bianca insisted that she was going to make a cake to take.  And it had to be a netball kind of cake.  So we consulted our trusty friend Google to get some ideas and some inspiration.  In the end Bianca decided that we would do a netball court cake.  And it had to be pink.  And so we made a rectangular cake and made some pink butter icing.  Bianca then used pink sugar paste icing and made the lines on the court.  For the poles we got some red liquorice sticks with round circle bits cut from left-over cake and for the people Bianca stuck lollipops.  Red ones and yellow ones for the two teams of players.  Oh and Bianca added little marshmallows all around the side.

I think it looked really cool.  When we got to the netball everybody was so impressed and all we heard was "oh wow!  It is a netball court!  I have to take a photo!" Bianca felt so proud.  And there wasn't even a tiny bit left when I picked Bianca up at the end of the session. 

Photo taken by the holiday programme netball coordinator

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Buttons said...

Bianca is a wonderful cake decorator. I am so impressed. I bet it tasted as good as it looked. B