Sunday, July 31, 2011

I love how my kids:

  • Giggle at their own silly little jokes and games
  • I love how their faces light up when they see you
  • I love how they ask for the sleepy time song I made up when Bianca was only a few weeks old
  • I love how they say I'm the best mum in the whole wide world
  • I love how they don't throw temper tantrums. Ever. Not even when we go to the park and we have to leave.  Or go past the toy shop.  Or when they want something.
  • I love how they have become independent little girls.
  • I love how excited they get to help out at home.  They like to pack the shoes neatly, tidy the DVDs and even help clean the bathroom mirror and cabinet.
  • And I love how they will quietly close the door on a weekend morning and play and keep themselves busy until we get up.  And then to go one step further - and this morning Bianca made scrambled eggs all by herself (from the recipe she wrote in her recipe book) and she made Terence and I toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  All by herself.  And it tasted good!  Yum!


LatteJunkie said...

What a great post and what darling girls! I am so impressed that she can make scrambled eggs, I always mess mine up :)

Buttons said...

Life is good. B

amanda said...

I love that you love is about remembering the great times and then the "less than great" ones disappear miraculously. lots of love, ma/ouma xxx

Anonymous said...

Your girls are the coolest. So awesome that Bianca made scrambled eggs by herself. I am very impressed. I also think it's great that they never throw tantrums. You are such a great mum, Lea! You are a great friend too.
Hugs to you and your beautiful girls,