Sunday, June 3, 2012

How is your weekend going?

So far this weekend has just been a quiet one for Caitlyn and me.  Bianca and Terence spent yesterday and today in the city at some or the other board gaming convention where they played one board game after another.  Bianca's strategy for choosing which game to play was to look at the picture on the box and if it looked nice, she wanted to play it.  :-).  One good thing about something like this is that you get to try different board games and then when you find one you really like then you know it would be worth spending the money to get one for yourself. 

This coming week is going to feel rather weird with tomorrow being a public holiday.  I don't think we have anything particular that we have planned. So probably just another quiet day.  I will probably see if I am able to get a bike ride or gym session in.

On Friday was our weekly swim session and although Val usually works us hard, it was a good session.  We were 5 in total so was a nice group.  Paul held back on us the first session I think and on Friday he really showed us a thing or two.  He was so fast and he just kept going and going.  I managed to keep up with him for about 2 lengths before he quickly pulled away and left me behind.  Paul and I have a bit of a swim race scheduled for the end of term 3 and I did think that I might stand a half a chance, but now I know I am going to have my work cut out for me.  The plan is that we will swim 100m or 4 lengths.  I did try and convince Paul that maybe (given his fitness levels) he might give me a 10 minute head start, but he wasn't interested.  :-).

So what have you been up to this weekend?


Paul said...

Looking forward to the challenge! You're doing well in the swimming. Your style is good but obviously the fitness is an issue. Plenty of time to work on that before the big day!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Boy, you and Paul sure keep yourselves active. Our son Alex always loved games whether it be a board game, card game or any kind of physical game. Sounds like Bianca had a good time.

As for our weekend, we spent Friday moving our son into his first bachelor apartment and visiting friends and relatives.

Kevin and Ruth

Ellie said...

Good for you - I get the feeling that Paul is very fit so well done keeping up with him at all.
I have had a busy weekend and not really achieved much.