Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a quick update

Am not feeling very inspired tonight and nothing too important to blog about.  Feeling a bit tired and down so will be heading off to bed soon I think.

The girls had their swim lesson tonight and I was absolutely amazed to see the progress Caitlyn has made.  It doesn't seem that long ago that she could hardly get through the lesson without any tears and now?  Now she is confident, she loves being in her class and can actually swim to some extent. 

Only a few more days then it is school holidays.  The girls can't wait.  I have booked them in for a school holiday programme which I'm hoping they would enjoy.  Can't believe how fast this year is going. 

Saw this picture on Facebook and I don't think I'll ever look at a duck the same way again :-).

And that's it from me for tonight.  Sorry, I did warn you I wasn't feeling particularly inspired.  Hope your day has been good.


Paul said...

That's so good that Caitlyn is making such progress in her swimming. It is certainly great fitness!

blackhuff said...

I'm glad that your daughter is doing so good with her swimming. A parent always want that for their child.

Ellie said...

It is so good to see them improve their confidence in the water isn't it. It's great that she enjoys it too.
Sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit down and tired. Hopefully you will feel better after a good nights sleep. Take care :)

BridgetPirie said...

I totally don't get that duck\dog mask thing at all...
Anyway, love to you all and I'm so glad that Caitlyn is doing so well at swimming.

Susan said...

Always good to be confident in the water. I was never formally taught and always had a slight fear of it. In the end I taught myself to swim but the programmes these days are great for children :D)
Ha ha, I laughed at the dog mask... yes, it's just like a dog :D)