Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A very miserable day - weather-wise

Today was absolutely miserable.  The weather was just horrible.  I suppose if I was a duck I might have liked it and if the weather was nice I had a bike ride planned.  Paul suggested he would go with me (probably to make sure I actually do go out for a bike ride) and sadly the weather just didn't allow for that so we'll need to reschedule that.  It is daunting though going with Paul because his cycling speed is incredibly fast and I am significantly slower than he is, but I really do appreciate the interest and of course the valuable tips and advice he could share - considering I have this lovely 90km bike ride scheduled for the end of the year as part of the half distance ironman Rose, Denise and I will be doing and right now 90km seems a long way away. 

Instead Paul and I loaded his details on a new website that was recently launched.  It is a New Zealand-based site where artists can load their songs to share.  I'm still getting my head around how the site might work, but please will you stop by (click here), "become a fan" and share the link.  The more people "become a fan" the better chance Paul has of promoting his music.

Other than that I didn't get up to too much today.  The usual chores, but that's not interesting enough to write about.  Hope your day was good!


Don't unplug your hub. said...

I think I signed up and became a fan of Pauls. I'm not sure though, being somewhat of a computer dinosaur.
Hope the rain stops for you. It is raining here too, but that is because its a bank holiday!

cat said...

Hope tomorrow is better.

Megan said...

Okay, admittedly? I have no idea how far 90km is but it sounds really far so I'm quite impressed!

Paul said...

Can't believe I am so late commenting on your post. Thanks for the publicity. I did read it and mistakingly thought I had made a comment. I am sure you will do great in your bike race. You're in capable hands!