Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not the best of days for me today

Today was not a good day for me.  It was one of those days where I just could not get myself going. Okay part of the problem is perhaps that I didn't sleep particularly well last night and woke up around 3am.  Tried to get back to sleep, but simply couldn't.  It was like my brain just switched on.  And boy does time drag slowly when you lie there in the dark waiting for the alarm to finally go off at 6am.  Do you get days like that?  I don't too often get days like this, but I suppose they happen for me because my mind tends to work overtime at times.  I suppose.  Who knows really?  So after I dropped the kids this morning I thought I'd go back to bed for a little bit to try and catch up on some sleep and unfortunately that didn't work so well either.  Oh well, hopefully tonight is a better night.

So naturally today I wasn't too productive.  I should have been, but... well... okay, no excuses.  I mostly just did a few chores around the house (not my favourite part of any day and it seems this never-ending task.  I read once that cleaning a house with kids in it is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos).

This afternoon Caitlyn had her cheerleading session and she had a great time.  Last session of the term.  She does have the holiday programme in the second week of the holidays where Bianca and Caitlyn both will have cheerleading for a few hours each morning.  Bianca especially could do with the extra practise as the end of October we'll be going to Auckland for her competition (Caitlyn is not in a competitive team).  That reminds me - I really need to start looking at accommodation and flights.  October feels a long way away, but it will be here before we know it.  At this stage Bianca is only competing on one day (the Sunday), the date is a bit disappointing as it is the same day (I think) as the Otaki Triathlon that Rose and I both wanted to do and now both of us will be in Auckland.  Will be nice to go and see Bianca's tree again when we are in Auckland and hopefully it is still doing well.

Okay enough rambling now.  How was your day?


Paul said...

It's great that your girls have lots of activities they are involved in. Hope you catch up on your sleep!

LatteJunkie said...

I hope you get a good night tonight!

My day was ok - parent help at kindy, lego and puzzles this afternoon and dinner out tonight all topped off with a horrid cold.

RosemaryO said...

I really like your analogy of brushing teeth while eating oreos compared to cleaning house with kids!
So much truth to that!!

Ellie said...

Here is hoping you have a better night tonight. There is not a lot worse than lying awake when everybody else is asleep.

Susan said...

Rotten when you can't sleep. I bring out my e-reader/book/thingy. It has a dim light so doesn't disturb hubby next to me. I've also set it to turn off automatically if no pages 'turned' within 5 mins because that means I've fallen back to sleep ;D)
By the way, mine is just a cheap one but it works fine.
Hope last night's sleep was better for you, cheers!

Lien - all new adventures said...

I do know what you mean about the 3am to 6am insomnia session (unfortunately all too well). How are you today?

When I read the analogy of the teeth brushing with oreos I shuddered!