Saturday, June 9, 2012

Netball, cake, dinner and Dominion of course...

This morning Bianca had a netball match.  She loves playing netball and at her age they rotate the kids every week so every week she gets to play a different position.  Right now Bianca's favourite position is Centre.  Today she was put in the Wing Attack position (which she doesn't really enjoy as much).  The game got off to a good start, Bianca was right into the action and then within 10 minutes got hit by the ball on her one finger and she left the court in tears.  Unfortunately she was too sore to continue playing and so we came home early. 

While we were out Terence and Caitlyn baked a cake.  Last weekend Terence and Bianca went off to their board game thing and he promised Caitlyn he would do something just with her. 

We had an impromptu dinner invite with a guy who works with Terence and takes the train with him every day.  They live close to us and we've been meaning to get together.  They have the cutest little 3 month old girl and Caitlyn was extremely fascinated.  Dinner was curry (a choice of a mild or spicy / hot one) and we took along Caitlyn's cake for desert.  After a quick game of Dominion it was time to come back home as it was around Caitlyn's bedtime and of course their routines would be much stricter than ours with their little girl.

And this was pretty much our Saturday.

Tomorrow morning I have Lynley's session and it will be a bike skills session which is not a long or particularly hard session, but focused on teaching us some tips and tricks to be more effective with our cycling.  I'm hoping if the weather is good to maybe go out in the afternoon and do a longer ride as I do need to try and work on increasing the distances I am able to cycle.  Will need to first see though exactly what Lynley has planned for us in the morning.

How is your weekend going so far?  Any special plans?


cat said...

It is freezing here right now - just before midday and a high of about 11 degrees C. Icy for Pretoria. I am currently at the Spur with the boys and the Princess is at a party. Hubby is busynwith some of his boy stuff. Making blouwildebees and warthog potjie with friends this afternoon to watch the Springbok game

Paul said...

Poor Bianca! I remember Kate hurting her finger in netball also. Very painful! That's really good that Terence has had quality one on one time with the girls!