Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some interesting reading and discovering something cool

Tonight I was reading up on some star sign information, not because I'm really into star signs, but just out of curiosity really.  And of course every single web page I was looking at had different characteristics.  I wonder who comes up with this and if these people actually did a study on a whole group of people with the same star signs?  I suppose if the person who put the info out there was a Virgo then they probably would have compared a group of people of the same star sign - after all it says quite clearly that a Virgo is very analytical, so it kind of makes sense that it should be a Virgo in charge of the project :-).  It made for some interesting reading the star signs I was reading on.  Are you into star signs and do you agree what it says about your star sign?

This afternoon I discovered a really neat something that I think (or rather hope) would be cool for a certain somebody (can't share anything just yet) and it reminded me of the time I had this pen pal.  Well not really pen pal.  We didn't write actual letters with an actual pen to each other, but we were email buddies for a long time.  We met each other by accident.  Or I suppose not really accident because people are often placed on your road for specific reasons even if the reasons are not always clear.  We were introduced to each other in 2002 or 2003. 

We both thought at the same time we wanted to move to New Zealand and so we both emailed the same person at the same time who was helping people out with information.  He answered our questions and then 'introduced' us to each other and so it started.  In the end we moved first to New Zealand and they ended up going to Australia.  We only met each other in person once.  We were really good email buddies for quite a few years, but sadly I think we were just too different.  Had quite different ideas of life and priorities and she was quite direct to the point where she would often make really hurtful and insensitive comments not thinking how it might affect me.  Hmmm, maybe I should go look up her star sign ;-).  So sadly in the end we just lost contact.  But anyway, back to my point.  She was rather hard to buy anything for for her birthday or for Christmas and usually when I feel I know somebody well enough then I like getting them something that would be special for them.  So sometimes (as in her case) I would spend a long time looking for and thinking of something that would be suitable.  It was really just by accident that on one occasion I found something really different.  She loved cooking.  So much so she collected recipe books.  Can't say I relate much to this as I don't particularly feel inspired by cooking, but she loved it.  I stumbled upon this online company in Australia and they did recipe gifts.  So you get to choose something that would then have the ingredients, the relevant tools, a recipe and a story.  So for instance hers was a Moroccan recipe gift complete with the tagine (I think this is what it is called).  I've never come across any other company doing the same, but I thought it was a rather neat idea at the time.

Do you have specific ideas about gift-giving?

Well I better stop rambling now.  How was your Thursday?


Paul said...

Not a great believer in star signs but some traits do seem to match up. Compatibility with other star signs is an interesting one. I am a capricorn and others I have met of the same star sign I often find are similar to me. Gifts are all the more special when they are personalised and come from someone who is close to you. Hope the planned gift works out and whoever receives it appreciates the effort and thoughts behind it!

Nefethrul said...

Well I am not much of a Zodiac fan, mine is about 10-15% true on me. (Pisces)
Although the Chinese Zodiac is a 80% match (Pig). Give it a try, it might reveal some interesting traits for you as well :)

cat said...

Fantastic gift ida and yes, sometimes friends are needed for a season only and not for life, and that's fine too