Thursday, December 2, 2010

About blogging

There are a number of really good blogs that I love reading everyday. People I can't wait to "catch up with" each day. Tonight I discovered another really good blog which I think I'll start following as well. One thing that I would like to quote from Down to Earth is this:
Blogs, unlike magazines, are written without filters, they're showing real life, not a set stage. Blogs, especially the good blogs, come straight from the heart and they record everyday, ordinary living. And best of all, blogs, while telling their daily stories, teach us what we didn't even know we wanted to learn.
That is so true. I especially found the whole "community" feel when I was blogging all about Bianca's leukemia journey. We "met" so many through our journey and through the internet we managed to connect and offer support regardless of how far away they may have been. I think in the days before technology walking a cancer journey must have been even more lonely and isolated. Whenever I talk to others and they ask what I found really helpful during Bianca's treatment I always say one of the best decisions I ever made was to start our blog. Not only was it a place where I could talk about it all, connect with others, but it was also a way to look back completely amazed at how much we achieved.

Right now there are many blogs I love reading such as Sharon's blog where she teaches us all about the miracle of her beautiful little girl and their adoption process. I love reading all about Renee and her Special Ks. Through her journey I have learned about Down Syndrome and their adoption process where they adopted a beautiful little girl from the Ukraine (I think). Our Wee Farm and Kiwifruit are just such great reads. They write about life that is more rural, more country - the kind of life I want for us and that we will hopefully one day achieve. And Sandy makes the most beautiful polymer clay creations. There are several others that are all very good and now that I've got this new blog am hoping to add loads more links to the side-bar. If you have your own blog and wouldn't mind me adding it to the side, please leave a comment with the link :-)

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Hi Lea, good to see you back, I was going through my blog list only the other day and was thinking of you. How funny you've discovered Down to Earth, look out for me I'm Whacky! That's my name on there, I not actually whacky....well maybe I am a little bit ;D