Saturday, December 11, 2010

A discussion - fake / real?

Today was a pretty busy day for us and in a way it ended up good that Caitlyn didn't do her ballet show otherwise it would have been much busier. This morning Bianca went to a birthday party and Caitlyn and I waited at home until it was time to get her. During that time I started planning the costume Bianca might be wearing on Monday for her class Christmas singalong (it is meant to be something red and green). Then it was time to get Bianca and we all set off to the CCF Christmas party. It was such a lot of fun and it was so good to catch up with all the other oncology families. We got there a little bit late, but the kids had a chance to listen to story time with Fairy Trina (or something like that), get a balloon from the clown and Bianca also got to decorate a biscuit. They had a small petting zoo, a bouncy castle and unfortunately the line was too long for facepainting.

And then the highlight - Santa arrived! Bianca looked at him as he got seated on his special chair and she said "he's fake. I know he's fake". I ignored the comment because I wasn't in the mood to go into a whole discussion about whether Santa is real or not, especially since Caitlyn very much still believes. And then Santa called Bianca's name and she went up, got her present and when she came back said "wow! He's the real Santa". Turned out this Santa had a real beard and so of course he must be Santa. I couldn't help smiling!

I wanted to take a whole lot of photos today, but unfortunately the flash on our camera decided to stop working. How frustrating!

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kiwifruitfi said...

A real beard? Is was him!

We're reckoning this year will be the last year our daughter believes in Santa :(

Mind you, our nephews are only 4 and 2, so there's still "believers" in the family for some time to come :)