Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Some of you might remember that Caitlyn twisted her ankle quite badly about 2 weeks ago. Since then it hasn't been too bad, but Caitlyn does still limp a little bit and on the odd occasion she might jump a bit hard or turn a bit fast and then she becomes sore again. Sigh! And Caitlyn is meant to be dancing in her very first ballet show on Saturday.

Today was one of two rehearsals this week. We got there and waited for Caitlyn's group's turn to go onto the stage and Caitlyn was all happy and excited and then suddenly as soon as they went on with their music, the tears start flowing. One moment she says "I just felt a bit scared" and the next "my leg is a little sore again". Sigh! It doesn't look very likely she'll perform in her very first show on Saturday. So we'll evaluate the situation tomorrow and then make a decision.

I would absolutely love for her to go on stage and dance her routine. She loves dancing, she loves her costume, she's been so good about it all, but I don't want to put too much pressure on her when she is feeling scared because I really want her to enjoy the experience.

So we'll see what happens.

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