Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A perfect summer day and a visit to Fisherman's Table and Weta Cave

Today ended up a pretty relaxing day. Up until today it was still pretty busy. Terence's brother came to visit us for a few days and we had a lot of fun showing him around Wellington. The girls had such a lot of fun playing with Uncle Alistair and I'm not sure who got tired first - the kids or Uncle Alistair?

Today was time for him to leave again and just before going to the airport we had lunch at Fisherman's Table in Oriental Bay. It really felt like holiday today. As we strolled from our parking to the restaurant, there were people jogging, walking and riding those 4 person bikes that you rent, some were enjoying the beach and others went for a swim or kayak in the ocean. It was a beautiful sunny day today with a light breeze. The perfect summer holiday. And we had the most stunning view from our table:

After lunch we went to Weta Cave. This is the shop / museum part of Weta Workshop. They are the people that make these fancy props for some of the movies like District 9, Lord of the Rings, Avatar and so on, they also do special effects for movies. Weta Cave was so fascinating and was packed with loads of tourists. It has a lot of really cool things to see inside and definitely a place we plan to visit again in the near future.

Here is Alistair in front of rows and rows of little figurines of some of the movies like Lord of the Rings:

And of course the gun displays were popular with the boys...
After we dropped Alistair off at the airport we took the girls to one of the toy stores in the city. They had a sale on and so the girls got to spend some of their pocket money, we managed to buy a pretty cool new board game called Thurn & Taxis which seems complicated at first, but once we got started was a lot of fun. So this is another game Bianca, Terence and I can play some evenings. And best of all, I managed to sort out Caitlyn's birthday present for February.

And then we came back home. By 6:30pm we took a nice relaxing walk and it was absolutely amazing to see a Tui about 30cm away from where I was standing at one point. Next time I will have to remember to take the camera with us.


amanda said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and I'm sure Alistair {and you all of course} have had a great time these past few days. Pity it goes so quickly....Would love to see photos of your local birdlife so remember the camera!!
love mom xx

Susan said...

The Weta cave certainly sounds an interesting place - amazing what they can do, so to see it all like that would be great.

Aaaagh, awful when you forget the camera isn't it. Looked at your link for a Tui - would be lovely to see one so close!