Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm probably one of the most unlucky people in the world. I never ever win anything.

I'm so unlucky that once at the one company where I worked, I was one of 60 secretaries and once a month we'd meet together in the board room and they would arrange some speakers and often have demonstrations or lucky draws and it would be a great way to connect and share ideas and concerns. So this one time we all had to write our names on little pieces of paper and put it in a container for a lucky draw. The one girls was heavily pregnant and already sitting so she asked me if I could please write down her name on her behalf. Which I did. And then when they drew out the names (just my luck) - they picked her name. The name I wrote for this girl.

I'm the one who would still be dialing the number for the radio station when they already announce the winner. So yes, I simply am not all that lucky.

Now Terence is much luckier than me. He seems to always win something when his work has lucky draws. He's won a huge parcel before filled with all sorts of goodies, the next time he won a 1L bottle of French Champaigne and recently he won a new digital camera (okay not a very good camera as all photos pretty much comes out blurry). But that is how lucky he is :-).

Anyway, recently one of the blogs I follow had a giveaway and asked that people leave a comment. Which I did, but not thinking that I would even be considered. And what do you know? My name was selected and I won this beautiful food cover which will come in soooo handy now over Christmas. Thank you so much Enchanted Moments!

And this morning I was listening to Classic Hits on the radio on the way back from dropping Terence and Bianca off at the train and Caitlyn at daycare and when I got back home they asked that people text in their feedback on a question they asked. So I did. And about an hour later I got a call. My name was drawn and I won this cool Christmas Stocking:

There is a teddy bear from Kirkaldie and Stains - this amazing shop in Lambton Quay. If you are ever in Wellington you must make sure you go and see Kirkaldie and Stains. Usually they have THE most amazing Christmas window displays and they even have a door man who welcomes you when you visit them. Anyway inside the stocking is also a notepad and pen set, a fancy Christmas pen, a CD from Guy Sebastian, a little Santa decoration, a little tin of family jokes, some candy canes, 2 Christmas crackers and probably 5 tickets to see the 20/20 Cricket Match on Monday.

Wow! I feel so lucky! Thank you Classic Hits for choosing me!


Sharon said...

Yep, I'm just as unlucky as you are. Aside from a pineapple (yes, you read right but its a loong story) I have never one a thing in my entire life!
Enjoy the little surprise!

The Clam said...

How absolutley wonderful :) Enjoy the lucky streak while it lasts.