Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reaching the end of the year

I must say that I am very much looking forward to next week (15th) when Bianca's school closes. I'm looking forward to just slowing down a bit. It seems this term was quite busy and especially now over December where so many people are scheduling things like end of year parties and so on, it seems never-ending.

Speaking of school closing, I can't believe that my 7 year old is about to finish her Year 2 level and will start Year 3 at the start of next year (beginning February). We are still deciding if we will enrol Bianca for One Day School again next year. She absolutely loved it and it will come down to our budget and if I might go back to work or not. If I go back to work then that would mean I am less flexible, but of course budget-wise would be really beneficial for us. So once things slow down a bit then I'll need to sit down and think about 2011 and what we need to / want to achieve.

I don't usually set goals for the new year although I probably really need to look at losing weight and getting fit for a change. (Not as easy as it sounds). I wonder how many people actually set goals at the start of the year and actually stick to it.

Anyway, I'm rambling. It seems most of what is exciting and interesting is relating to our little Christmas countdown project. I'm so glad that I started it. Just seeing the excitement on the kids' faces each time is well worth all the effort. And who knows - maybe this could become a new tradition for us...

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