Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celebrating 11 years

Me: "So girls, today is the day that Mommy and Daddy are celebrating the day we got married 11 years ago"
Caitlyn: "And did you kiss?"
Me: "Yes, we kissed the day we got married"
Caitlyn: "Giggle"
Me: "And one day you will meet a boy and you will marry him and then he will also kiss you"
Me: "And Bianca will also meet a boy and they will get married and kiss also"
Bianca: "I think I'll practice my running and run away"
Caitlyn: "Will you be wearing your running shoes?"


janin said...

happy anniversary!! glad you got a kiss in when you got married ;)))

Maa said...

Congratulations from here too. Any plans for the weekend? Hope youget to spend a little time together. Maa.

RosemaryO said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful couple!

amanda said...

Dis kostelik!!!! Nogmaals baie geluk. liefde, ma xxx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Happy Anniversary. ♥

Sharon said...