Thursday, December 16, 2010

The frustration of new irons

Bianca's first day on holiday was a pretty quiet day mostly spent at home. We went to the shops for a bit so that I could take back the iron that didn't work very well that I bought to replace the iron I had a long time that finally decided to stop working. To put it this way, for the first time in my life I burnt Terence's shirt (and it was one of his favourites too) - with the new iron that was supposed to be soooo much better than the one I had before. They say it easily glides over all sorts of fabric - not so much this morning. Sigh! So I took it back and exchanged it for another one and hopefully this one will be better. Will see tomorrow morning. Bianca also wanted to go and choose Caitlyn something for Christmas (from Bianca) and then it was time to come back home again. Right now I'm not too keen on the mad crowds at the shops, and with only 9 days till Christmas I think it will just get worse. So I'm limiting my visits to the shops as much as possible. We're mostly ready and it is just now figuring out what we will eat on Christmas day.

Tomorrow will be a long day for us again as we make our way to the city to get bloods done and then in the afternoon Bianca's appointment with her doctor to see that we are all on track still. At the moment our visits are every 2 months, so if all goes well then the next one will only be in February again.

I'm feeling really tired tonight, so will be heading off to bed soon! Will post an update after Bianca's hospital visit tomorrow.

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