Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celebrating Christmas

The night before Christmas we put out the stockings - for the 4 of us as well as Terence's brother who came to visit us.

The kids put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots and water for the reindeer.

And then they woke up so early. Usually we have to wake Bianca up, but not on Christmas morning, she was the first one to wake up. And then? Then it was time for presents (how exciting!)

My mum made this very cool puppet.
Bianca was so excited that Santa brought her the guitar she asked for. And it is pink!!!! (So now Bianca will have to learn to play)

Then we had a huge Chrismas lunch. We didn't do turkey because that would have just been way too big for the 5 of us, so instead did some chicken and a small leg of pork with the usual rice, potatoes and vegetables and afterwards pavlova as part of our dessert.

I'm not all that good with interior decoration, but I tried to make our table look nice and festive.

I even added some little pohutukawa branches which is from the pohutukawa tree (also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree)

Bianca enjoyed reading the little jokes that came with the christmas crackers:


And then in the afternoon we took advantage of the sunny day (even though it wasn't overly warm):

And that is our Christmas celebrations - in a nutshell :-)

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