Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long day at the hospital

Yesterday was Bianca's 2 monthly bloods and oncologist visit. We set off for the city around 10am. When we got to the hospital we first went to get bloods done and then went in search of lunch. It takes around an hour for the results to be ready and we always do this so that we have a bit more than an hour before our appointment just in case it takes a bit longer for whatever reason. 2pm was Bianca's clinic appointment. We got there and they told us that they just heard from the lab. Bianca's blood sample clotted and they were not able to use it. So we would have to do another blood test after her appointment. Sigh!

The doctor had a good look at Bianca and declared that she looks pretty healthy and that he is not worried about her. We were not able to discuss the blood test results, but as everything else seemed fine, he was confident the results would be good as well. We discussed the Echo results from the last one Bianca did and they were fine. The next Echo will be scheduled in 5 years' time.

Then it was time to get another blood test done. The first sample that the nurse took clotted almost immediately. She then pricked the same finger again hoping to get another sample going and managed to get a sample that looked like it might be fine, but just in case she pricked another finger to get another sample so that we will hopefully have 1 useable sample. So in the end Bianca got 4 fingerpricks. She is so brave!

So in the end our hospital visit turned out to be a pretty long day.

On the way back home the nurse called to let me know that the preliminary results all seem normal and so thankfully it seemed to have worked.

Unfortunately this morning Bianca woke up feeling a bit unwell and I think we might be in for a quiet weekend.

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Maa said...

I hope by now Bianca has picked up and is feeling better. Maybe you could tell her that I have to prick my finger four or five times a day to check my BGL's. I give myself a day off every now and again to let my fingertips recover. Hugs to you both. Maa.